why do the Lannisters have such big beds?

because they push two twins together to make a king.



this is the single most pretentious thing ive ever seen in my life im gonna vomit

i need a god damn cigarette after seeing this


listen to me susan once the divorce goes thru we will be able to live happy and i’ll bring u to the dog pound i’ll show u how this thang work just give it time i think kyle is havin trouble moving on

If owning a gun and knowing how to use it worked, the military would be the safest place for a woman. It’s not.

If women covering up their bodies worked, Afghanistan would have a lower rate of sexual assault than Polynesia. It doesn’t.

If not drinking alcohol worked, children would not be raped. They are.

If your advice to a woman to avoid rape is to be the most modestly dressed, soberest and first to go home, you may as well add “so the rapist will choose someone else”.

If your response to hearing a woman has been raped is “she didn’t have to go to that bar/nightclub/party” you are saying that you want bars, nightclubs and parties to have no women in them. Unless you want the women to show up, but wear kaftans and drink orange juice. Good luck selling either of those options to your friends.

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